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In Ripperana No.105 (July 2018)

Edgar Lustgarten

Befordshire Cat Killer.

"Spy-in-Bag" case. 

Charles Manson and "Helter Skelter".

Sir Robert Anderson.

​Dan Farson and the Macnaghten Memorandum.

The East End Asylum,

Article on MJD by Dr. J. M. Cobo (part II).

In Ripperana No.105 (July 2018)

The Maybrick Journal (Ha! Ha!)

U.S Executions since 1976.

Japanese Hangings.

Lord Lucan Portrait.

Sex and the Krays.

JTR Hoax Letters by Derek Osbourne.

Mrs Maybrick in Prison.

John McCarthy's True Identity.

Thomas Bowyer.

Wallace and the R. M. Qualtrough.

​Sir Godfrey Lushington and MJD.

H. R. Farquharson, Thomas Sadler and MJD.

The Horse That Shied.

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